Tuesday, November 8, 2011

FAB Trio (Joe Fonda - Barry Altschul - Billy Bang)

FAB Trio History Of Jazz In Reverse (TUM Records CD 028)
This remarkable trio presents an exhilarating set of original music that is filled with references to music of the past while never being anything other than thoroughly contemporary. This act of musical magic is possible in part because all three members of the trio, bassist Joe Fonda, drummer Barry Altschul, violinist Billy Bang. Throughout, the skill and virtuosity of these three musicians is outstanding. Individually, they perform brilliant solos, yet the fluid interplay of the ensemble passages is eloquent testimony to their long association and the depth of their mutual understanding. All the music on this album is composed by the trio, much of it improvised freely in session; at times they create a thunderous ensemble sound that suggests far more than just three men. The group, which takes its name from the initial letters of its members' names, had recently completed a highly successful international tour just before this December 2005 recording session and the effect this had upon them is evident from their togetherness. This CD is one of the last recordings by Billy Bang, who died on 11 April 2011, while the CD was still in post-production. Thanks to music like this, his name continues to resonate in the world of jazz.

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